Your company song for company cohesion


Promoting Company Cohesion

Insingtive offers you a highly original concept for (re)building team cohesion and external communication

Insingtive makes music video clips with familiar tunes

The lyrics are rewritten (in French and/or English) according to your company, its history, its values, its resources, its hot topics…

A new breed of HR and PR tool

The search for values in the workplace has become symptomatic of our current work situation. Nowadays, it is vital for companies to communicate with their guts on what they truly are.

Insingtive creates your company anthem and video clip that will attract the right talent who identify with it. And if they identify with it, they are likely to stay.

Insingtive can be a tool for HR communication, but can also be used for Public Relation purposes: by letting everyone know about important news through humour and music, it will leave an even greater mark.

A new breed of incentive

With the rise of teleworking, it has never been more important to work on internal team cohesion.

Insingtive offers you an original, fun yet meaningful idea to maintain the dedication of your employees.

Values, mottos, fun facts about your teammates and managers or a great new development to announce… Insingtive creates a karaoke-type music video using a famous tune, so your associates can all sing along and (re)build the link between them and the company.

Music links us humans, heart to heart. Across time and space, and life and death.

Nancy Werlin

American writer

Insingtive is the mix of skills to make the unique video clip that is going to be your company song



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Yseult Hiernaux

Yseult Hiernaux


Communication specialist (both internal and external), songwriter, empathetic sensitive creative and yet rigorous dreamer, music freak, keen on making (sometimes really bad) puns –> what can we do with all of that ?

One step beyoooond !

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